Mushy Love Story

Can I just take a minute and be super girly? K, thanks!
After some much needed heartache which, I believe I needed to go through, I ended up at a BBQ with a coworker where I met Jim and Brittany. After awhile they made a comment that they had the perfect guy for me. Never hearing of such a thing I took it with a grain of salt. Well few days later I told Brittany that I needed to meet this guy who they called “Moe.”
Jim and Brittany set up another BBQ where Moe and I could meet. Before that I got antsy and had to text him to at least get some stuff out of the way. The poor guy was so shy and scared that he would say the wrong thing. So I of course start chatting his ear off but still put up that front.. you know the don’t text back right away and blah blah blah.  Let me tell you, it was the easiest conversation ever.
Jim, Brittany, Josh, and I at the Jason Aldean
Walking into the apartment to first meet Josh was also the most easiest, natural thing to do. Keep in mind this is the first time I am really hanging out with Brit and Jim also. But its like we had all done it before. We head to the pool and enjoy the 118 weather.  After a while Jim invites us to the Salt River the next day. Something Josh and I have never done but it was on my bucket list.  The Salt River is where you tube down the river for hours laughing, drinking, and truly having a good time. We both agree to go walk out and give somewhat of an awkward hug and agree to meet at the same spot in the morning.
Sunscreen on, bathing suits tied, tubes blown up, beer in the cooler. LET’S GO
One of our first trips


Let me tell you floating down the river the second day of knowing someone is the best way to get out all your shit on the table. You have no makeup, you’re drunk, tubes are popping, you’re in your swimsuit which is falling down yelling “titties”, and you have to get out of the tube to pee in the water. I mean its all right there, take it or leave it.  By the end we fell for each other and we fell hard enough for the first kiss to happen. “awwwwww”
That very next weekend we were in the car for 8 hours off to Jim and Britt’s parents place in Bakersfield.  Yup, in the car with someone I just met staying with people I pretty much just met. I loved every minute of it.
That very next weekend we were in the car for 8 hours off to Jim and Britt’s parents place in Bakersfield.  Yup, in the car with someone I just met staying with people I pretty much just met. I loved every minute of it.
Josh moved in a week later. Yes you read that right.  And let me tell you, it was the easiest transition either of us have ever made. Still, to this day, we have never raised our voice at each other. Except while I am dancing around vigorously febreezing things and pull a muscle, or when I try and squat a 200 Lb man (Josh) and pull something.  Yes we disagree but its done respectfully.
The rest is history, and will probably be documented on the blog.
If you don’t know what people mean when they say “you will know when you meet him” that you are truly missing out on such a fulfilling emotion. We knew right away we had found “the one” in each other. There was no doubt about it, everyone around us could see and feel it too.
I have also never experienced a relationship where we enjoy all the same hobbies; hiking, beer, lake trips, food, fishing. There is nothing better than to look over and say hey lets go get lost and he has his wallet and keys ready to go before I can put my hair up in a ponytail.
What makes us work? Well first everyone should read “5 Love Languages .” This is a very helpful book that teaches you how each other love. Or hell don’t read just get online and take the test.  Finding out  his love language is quality time. Genuine quality time, so I know to put my phone down and actually listen to what he has to say, or that he isn’t trying to smother me he just wants to be around me to spend time with me. Mine is acts of service, I don’t feel loved when someone creates more work for me. I appreciate help not added work.
We also put each other first, even in the smallest ways. We do things for each other even if its Josh buying me a chocolate bar when I am PMSing or making each other coffee in the morning, things like that (well Josh makes the coffee mostly).
But one thing that we are great at is communication. We over communicate actually. Someone is leaving work late we text each other. That comment upset me, I tell him. When I piss him off he calmly tells me why and to not do whatever I did. No one ever questions ANYTHING. He puts me in my place has much I as I put in him in his.  Everything is equal with us. Not one person in doing something more than the other.
I have found true love and my soul mate. I found a love and relationship that I am proud of and inspired bye. What a great feeling!

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