Salt River

We live in Phoenix. Before you say “oh its just so hot there” hush!!  Currently it’s the beginning of February and I am wearing open toed wedges and planning our camping trip this weekend. Yes it gets up to 120 but guess what? its like maybe 4 months and I wouldn’t trade that for 5-6 months of winter. AND is it too hot? Take your whining self up north and an hours drive and boom you are in lovely manageable weather!
So what do we do on the weekends to cool off? Float the Salt River!!
Grab some friends, snacks, tubes, and head on out! Oh and don’t forget the sunscreen!!
I am so glad Brittany and Jim invited us to go our first time. We went probably about 5 times after that, and each time a new memory is created. Some of the best memories I have of last year were from floating down the river.
Below are some key things about floating:
First thing first. If you forget something, that means the trip will be great!
  • You have a few ways of floating down that bad boy. You can either drive separate cars  and park one car are the start and then drive up more to where you actually take off. This is the way we have always done it.  Or, you can park and take the shuttle which will drop you off at the start with your tubes.
  • You can either bring your own tubes or rent them. Renting them is just fine but the tubes are black and get super hot! So bring an old sheet to drape over it to keep it cool.
  • Did you know pretty much all coolers float? I didn’t until last summer! So take some rope and string the cooler to your tube and there you go! Grabbing your next beer is a piece of cake!
  • Bring snacks! Just keep in mind everything will get wet so put it in ziplocks

    Wild horses
  • do not take your phone! FOR THE LOVE OF SOMETHING JUST DONT DO IT!  We saw way to many people ruin their phones taking them down the river. I am sure everyone could use some time logged off anyway.
  • Bring a water poof radio. It keeps the fun going and the vibe great! Oh, make sure that thing is charged also, if not you will have to listen to me sing “Strawberry Wine” over and over because that’s the only song I can think of.
  • Water shoes or old tennis shoes. Do I have to explain this?
  • You have to get a permit. Those are easy to obtain you can stop at a gas station or Big 5 they run about 6-7 bucks.  When you get the pass mark it right then in there and put it on your windshield.  We have had to pull over in the middle of floating and wait until someone (I wont mention anyone in particular)  goes all the way back to the first car just to mark it.  If you don’t get the pass and mark it, I hear it’s a pretty hefty fine.
  • Wear a hat. The funnier the better. It makes great convo
  • Sunscreen. Lots and lots of sunscreen
Below is a map I found
map courtesy of


For more information please check out their website. It has a ton more details that are handy! Salt River Tubing
Please drink responsibly! Before you know it you are 3 sheets to the wind after 5 hours of floating. A 30 rack is gone and you haven’t stood up in hours.

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