Change your thoughts

 “Change your thoughts, change your life”

I got the Amazon Echo for Christmas this year from Josh. That thing is the bees knees. I absolutely love it.  One morning I came out and asked Alexa to give me an inspiring quote and she responded “Change your thoughts, change your life.”

*side note. Ask Alexa to rap for you, it’s funny!
On the way to work, I really thought it over and realized how much its true. I myself used to be very negative and know quite a few people who continue to live negative lives. Have you ever noticed that those negative people continuously have things happen to them? They seem to never catch a break. Now I am not saying that just because you have a negative outlook on life that shitty things just happen to you, or that if you are completely positive nothing bad will ever happen to you. It’s just an observation that I have made.
I try to do this daily actually, but I struggle with it constantly and I always have to take a step back and give myself an attitude adjustment. Especially dealing with anxiety and panic attacks. If I seem to have just one negative thought its a downward spiral from there. I have noticed when I can get a handle on my thoughts, I seem to have a better day.
Being negative takes energy. Do you have extra energy to be putting into such angry thoughts? I sure don’t. Its draining and impacts all aspects of your life.
Also with a more positive way of thinking I seem to treat people better. No one needs to be treated poorly just because you are having a bad day. That’s selfish.
Negative things are all around us. It takes a lot to get away from it. Its on every social media handle, in the news, etc. You just can’t escape.
Things I do to be more positive:
  • As soon as I realize I am thinking negatively, I reroute my thoughts into something more positive. Stop the negative self talk!
  • List things around you that are positive. For example; I have a job that pays, a car that gets me from A to B
  • Practice yoga. It really centers you and gets you in the present moment
  • Journal
  • Laugh! I find listening to comedy or a funny morning show on he radio really starts my day off in a cherry mood
  • Get active
  • Get enough sleep so I can think properly
  • Stop playing the victim. I know that’s hard to admit and realize but when you truly get out of your “whoa is me” attitude, it helps. It’s your life – take some responsibility for it. If you don’t like your life, change it.
Looking back at how my life was, I have noticed such a drastic change in the way things play out just because of thoughts. My life has changed for the better because of it. Every time something happens I don’t immediately doubt myself self or verbally attack the person around me. Things happen and I think it took me a while to accept that. Cars break down, you over draw your account because you miscalculated, kids act up. Its a part of life, accept it!!

Always remember,

Its not a bad life, just a bad day


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