Let me tell you a little bit about Charlie. Charlie is this stupid little lion I got Josh for Valentines Day. The back story on that is one day we joked about how cheesy we are. ( I mean, we are really freaking cheesy sometimes.)  So I jokingly mentioned that I would get him a stuffed animal to put in his service truck. So really quick on Valentines Day I stopped by Big Lots and got him a 3 dollar stuffed lion that had these big stupid eyes. I stuffed that thing in a coffee cup that said “I didn’t fart, my ass blew you a kiss” and gave it to him. He got a kick out of it ha ha. The next day, I got a text message with a picture of Charlie riding shot-gun in his work truck. Maybe it was the timing of the picture but that day at work had been particularly rough. But it seriously meant the world to me. Something so small, lit up my world. He know that lion was a child’s toy but didn’t care, he did it simply to bring happiness to me.


The reason I write about this is because we need to keep the small things a priority in relationships. The smallest things can mean so much, and the reason I think we get out of the habit of doing tiny things for each other is because we don’t realize how it truly impacts the other person.

Meet Charlie, riding shot gun.


It means the world to me that when I wake up to coffee made already, its one less thing I have to do while getting ready for work. Even if he has to leave earlier than me he still has the Keurig set up for me so all I have to do is press a button.

This is something that I actually believe I need to work on. Josh, I feel like, is a natural care giver and it’s something that really does seem to come to him thoughtlessly. I, on the other hand, seem to have to really work on it.  While I am up getting some water to  just automatically get him some. Or, making sure he has enough burritos premade for the week so he has breakfast.


These small things are just gentle reminders of “hey, I love the shit outta you.”  Take the time to make your significant other feel loved. It will change your relationship I swear! After all you’re a team and you need to make your teammate feel appreciated so they want to remain a part of it.




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