Hole in the Ground (Grand Canyon)

Last summer we planned this camping trip to the big hole in the ground. THE GRAND CANYON!  It was a big deal since no one in the group has ever been. We had a couple of friends that were in Phoenix for UTI and we had to go before they head back home.
so off we went Friday through Sunday
Josh and I showed up first, then Bryan and Dylan showed up way after quiet hours in their diesel truck. Jim and Brit came about midnight. Our neighbors were not happy. They are serious about those quiet hours, we got a love note stating to quiet down or we would fined.  They can shove it.
The first night we got there way to late to actually go to “the big hole.”  So we sat around and talked and cozied up until the next day. The whole time we calmly talked I heard our neighbors hushing us.  Oh well, call us inconsiderate, your camping people not in a hotel!
We woke up early, don’t most people when they’re camping? We made breakfast, then loaded up. We packed up along with the  4 dogs and set off. Parking was a tad crazy even early in the day. But once we found a spot we hiked our way up until we got a glimpse of what we were waiting for.
It was seriously one of the most beautiful things I have seen. I  could have sat there all day just day dreaming.  Its peaceful and calming. So many questions has to why its there or how always come to mind?14322286_10210255295202789_6133531265690211063_n
We continued our walk down the path to check out different sites and shops along the way. It was such a site to see. Josh and I are actually in the works of planning a rim to rim backpacking trip. If you have done it please contact me! I have several questions!
After a while we headed back to camp for lunch and a good beer.  We planned to head back to watch the sunset, but the ice cold beer just started pouring itself down our throat. I mean we didn’t know what happened. 🙂 Beer just tastes so much better outdoors.
Honestly though, I don’t know who’s damn idea it was to play kings cup. If you don’t know what it is, its a drinking game where no one ends up sober, and its pretty darn funny.  Next thing you know its 8 and everyone is asleep and thankfully our neighbors didn’t have to worry about our noise level.
We met some cool people who came to play games with us and tried nasty Grand Canyon Vodka (yuck!) We saw a beautiful heard of Elk and just enjoyed the company of good friends in a place none of us have been.14310280_10210265902187957_8260393050503458899_o


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