Cubicle Life

I am sure many people who breeze by my blog assume I am a stay at home or something along those lines. I feel as if that is  stereotyping or something. But no, unfortunately, I work full-time. The dreaded Mondays come way too fast and every day I go home with my eyes burning like the dickens.

It takes a certain type of person to be able to handle sitting behind a desk for days on end. It’s not as easy as you may think.  You get restless some days so you decide to make frequent trips to nowhere just to get out of the 3 walled cube you sit in.  Other days you get lazy so you just sit there. And that’s literally all you do is sit, and pretend.

As the days go on though you learn your cube neighbors which brighten the days sometimes, other times, not so much. But you all learn each other. When someone is pissed off or happy and cheery you just know.

I am the person who sits there and never leaves. Even for lunch I will sit there not giving a damn if you can smell my tuna sandwich. Hell I just smelled the person’s in and out 3 cubes down. Sorry, not sorry. I am sure everyone around me hates the fact that I Love onions. Ha

You also can hear everyone’s convos. Sometimes I couldn’t  care less what people are talking about but I hear them talking so I have to chime in. It’s better than talking on the phone for the 80th time in 6 hours. When we are getting yelled at by patients everyone can hear that shit too. I mean really it’s hard to stay 100% happy and Care Bear like when someone is unleashing the beast at you.

God forbid you have to let one rip. Your neighbors will smell that faster than you think. Just stay if you have the bubble guts. We are not your family who are forced to smell the raunchy fumes coming out of you.

Which brings up a whole other subject that I could write a whole post about… The bano. For real people, that thing is always being blown up. 2 toilets for that many people.. I am surprised the paint is not peeling off the walls.

Day dreaming becomes a regular thing as you watch people walk by to the faxes checking out their outfit of choice. I mean without those people walking by you really won’t see to many humans in that 8+ hour day.

And oh my if the computers stop working one more time I swear I will throw that thing across the floor.

Oh the joys of the cubie life, it’s always an interesting day.


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