For my birthday last year Josh planned this trip to Prescott, AZ. We kept hearing about it so we wanted to check it out since it was so close to us.  It took us about 2 and half hours together pulling a 5th wheel, but the job reallyIMG_20161112_064004812.jpg wasn’t too bad.

When we arrived it was already pretty late but Josh reserved us a spot at the Point of Rocks RV Park and Campground. It backs right up to Watson lake so its just a short hike to get to right to the lake. The people who run the campground are just the sweetest and are extremely helpful!

The next morning, we woke up pretty early and decided to take a hike around Watson Lake. We originally didn’t plan to hike the entire lake but ended up doing the whole 4.6 miles around it. I am so glad we made that decision. The surrounding area is just stunning! The hike is moderate. There are some boulders to climb over and they have the trail pretty well marked. Its shaded in some areas and open in others. Dogs are welcome but of course they must be leashed. It is also a pretty trafficked trail. You can find more info about the Watson lake and Flume Trail here.


Within the lake you can fish and kayak. It is a no wake lake so everything is very peaceful and calming.


After the hike, we headed back and got ready for the rest of the day. We planned to stop by the local breweries and share plates and just really get a feel for the downtown area.

How cute is their downtown?!? Everything is situated around the courthouse and is just to die for!!  Its cute and small and I felt like we were on the Gilmore Girls!

We walked and checked out a ton of their local shops and breweries, all were quite delish! The Achocolypse from the Prescott Brewing company is definitely worth trying. It was our favorite from the whole weekend and we actually went on a search and luckily found it at our local Total Wine.

Our favorite restaurant worth mentioning was El Gato Azul. This is where we ended up for dinner. Where we sat out on the patio that is nestled in by the creek. Its a more “tapas” style place so we had a great time trying a ton of different small plates as the sun went down. The atmosphere and service are outstanding! We highly recommend it!

The night life and local bars are just as entertaining  with local music and friendly people. We bar hopped just a little before we called it a night.

We absolutely fell in love with Prescott and will be returning as soon as we can. It’s a very charming town that we have actually been talking about moving to once we retire. But of course that is many years down the road. It should definitely be on your must see list when you come to Arizona.




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