It’s that time again

This one’s for the girls!


Not to be sexist or anything, but men don’t menstruate, even though I swear they do.

Seriously ladies, why on earth do we have to go through the monthly BS. It’s like this never ending damn roller coaster.  We are crazy, don’t tell me we aren’t. At some point we all fall off the rocker for a quick sec.

For example. It’s 5:30 in the morning while listening to a country song on radio, the same song I have heard since high school comes on and I start crying. What the hell for? I don’t have the slightest idea.

Then not even an hour later Josh has got me in a tizzy because he probably texted me that he was confused at something I wrote him…  Then I get upset because he just doesn’t get me. I mean he should read minds right…. Ha ha the poor guy.

Then you’re easily overwhelmed for no reason. Nothing has really changed but for some reason you just can’t handle life and adulting.

Now you’re craving something, you don’t know for what but you want it and want it now. You don’t want the dinner that has been planned for a week and the meat has been deforested for two days. So when you get home you and your lover take an hour just to decide where to go because you still can’t pinpoint your cravings. After the hour is over you’re still not 100% on where you want to go so you settle for somewhere stupid because now it’s really too late to start cooking.

Then your body wants to add to all of the above. I mean why? Do you really have to add in the back pain (which makes me feel old) the random cramps that come and go or just come and stay. The bloating, I swear those pants just fit last week. Ugh just why.

Then everything slowly subsides just to come back 3-4 weeks later.

Thank god for our love ones that just allow us to be us.


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