Lake Pleasant

For a quick get a way, whether it be for camping or fishing or heck even off roading, we head up north about 20 minutes to Lake Pleasant.

It’s a pretty decent size lake for swimming and boating. Everyone brings out their jet skis and tubes and has a ball. Out at the dock they have a restaurant and a small convenience store in case you forgot anything.  20161015_114640.jpg

We personally love it there because you can do primitive camping anywhere. It’s about $12 a night and you just simply go where ever you chose. It does get packed, of course, during busy season so sometimes privacy can’t to be expected. If you have a high clearance vehicle or a four wheel drive you can get to some more secluded areas.

We haven’t had too bad of luck and typically get a good distance away from our neighbors to at least let the dogs off the leash and roam around to actually be dogs.

Fishing is well…. Fishing. We have caught very small fish but we tend to always be on the wrong side of luck with that.

We have done kayaking there and we have a boat with a trolling motor that we are about to break in as well.

You can tent camp and RV camp in the actual campground as well. Those reservations can be booked online. My parents actually stayed there over Thanksgiving and the place was packed! But here in Phoenix it’s in the 70s in November so you can expect that.

All in all it’s a great place to quickly get away. Day trips, night swimming, and the yacht club. It’s all available just right up the road.

More individual trips about Lake Pleasant to come…..


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