West Fork


It’s is seriously so pretty it can be a Christmas card. I mean we used it for our Christmas card, ha.

From Phoenix it took about an hour and half to get to Sedona and you do have to pay to enter the parking lot. It’s located off the 89a and pretty easy to find. I believe it was about seven bucks. You should also note this hike is one of the top hiking trails in Arizona so it is highly trafficked.

The trail is out and back and pretty easy most of the way. You cross the river multiple times via bridges and rocks that are strategically placed. At some point more towards the end you could say it gets moderate in some areas.

The hike is breathtaking and the trees surround you the entire way. There are boulders and canyons that you hike through as well so you get a great mix of scenery. When we went we were in the shade the entire time so we hardly ever broke a sweat. Trust me compared to  Phoenix during the summer this hike was an oasis for us at the time.


The entire hike is about 6 miles so bring enough food and water. Dogs are leashed, of course, and seemed to be welcomed. We definitely saw a ton of families with kids at the start of the trail but not to many towards the end.

If you continue passed the end you can actually camp and hike another 11 miles upstream. We are planning to do that some time soon actually. So we haven’t done too much research on that part of the trail yet.

I absolutely 100% recommend this hike to everyone. Even if you don’t make it to the end it is definitely worth going as far as you can.


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