Wildflowers are actually a thing in Arizona! I was completely caught off guard when I saw this in a Facebook group that I am in. I saw a lot of recommendations for the Phoenix Sonoran Desert Preserve and we discovered that it was really only a 30 minute drive from our place so we headed that way one weekend. The wildflowers are here for such a short time in Phoenix so when they bloom you have to jump on it!  I kept bugging Josh to go because of the short window so we took a very quick hike through the Preserve.

The hike wasn’t quick because we wanted it to be, it just wasn’t our day for some reason. The dogs just wouldn’t get it together that day, literally every time one would poop and go to pick it up the other one would poop. Sam also had to pee on everything! One day he will learn how unsafe it is to pee on a cactus. It took us a minute to just really get going and we couldn’t take it for that long.

The weather was spectacular so everyone and their nannies were out and about. With that, the only complaint I have about the trails, are all the mountain bikers. Which I am normally ok with but this particular day I was not having it.  But there weren’t  just a few bikers, there seemed to be 100’s of them. The trails weren’t that big and to maneuver two dogs every time a biker went wasn’t easy.


The Phoenix Sonoran Desert Preserve is an open desert park with a few different hiking trails for all levels. The area is really well-kept and most of the surrounding area is undeveloped.  There is a ton of parking, and restrooms at the entrance if needed.


I thought it was absolutely stunning. It felt like we weren’t in Phoenix at all. On the way to park the area was a beautiful green and you could just smell the wildflowers.  The fields were just covered with yellow, white, and purple flowers! Surrounding mountains in the distance make for a beautiful backdrop.  I would love to go and spend more time there.











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