I am sure everyone has seen the live videos of this poor pregnant giraffe. That poor thing has been in labor for what? 12 years I feel like!? I mean wow.  No thank you.

I found myself at work the other day saying “seriously, get this giraffe off my facebook feed.  Why is everyone so worried about the giraffe, there is other news worthy things going on.”  It was posted on every Facebook news outlet that I followed. But then I came to the realization that for once a beautiful moment is plastered everywhere for all of us to watch. For once it’s not a shooting, robbery, or another protest. It’s a beautiful moment that, thanks to technology, we can watch together.

I quickly backtracked my thoughts into something more positive. I mean just a month or so ago Josh and I were saying we don’t watch the news that much because it’s so negative. But, here is something that isn’t negative, a miracle of life. Something that is breaking up the negative news that impacts us daily. Yet….I still found something to bitch about. There seems to be always something to bitch about…

Thankfully, I realized that I was wrong to think that April should not be in headlines. Something like that SHOULD break national headlines! But, others don’t realize their negative nasty thoughts quick enough. Then they post their negativity on social media causing an uproar. That’s an issue the world is facing today. No matter what you do you will never make everyone happy. It’s sad that that is a motto we seem to live by today.

How sad is that? Why can’t we all just be happy a giraffe is about to pop out a baby giraffe, how stinking adorable!




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