Squaw Peak


Piestewa Peak, aka “Squaw Peak”, is a nice little butt burner of a hike and we like to replace it with leg day at the gym.  It’s actually the second highest peak in Phoenix!

You can find this quick hike within the Dreamy Draw recreation area off of the 51 in Phoenix.  There are actually several trails in the Dreamy Draw area.

The specific trail we took was Trail #300 – Summit Trail. It’s heavily trafficked and parking is a little tough at times. Per www.phoenix.gov  this trail is now one of the most heavily used trails in the nation with 4,000 to 10,000 hikers per week.

It’s marked as extremely difficult and I do not disagree. This hike is for the more athletic type and those with breathing issues should be careful as you get closer to the summit. It’s about 1.2 miles, straight to the top, so you obviously gain elevation quickly.

At the top you do scale jagged rocks so please be careful and take your time!

Dogs are not allowed on the trail due to it being a summit trail. It does become narrow and has several drop offs that can be dangerous. We do see a lot of moms and dads with babies in the ergo’s though! I always want to high five them because they look like total badass!


The views of the entire Phoenix area, once you are at the top, are completely worth the climb. Once you are up there be sure to take some time and suck it all in. Be present in the moment and proud of yourself for what you just accomplished!

Then…start the hike back down. Please be courteous of the hikers coming up. They should have the right away.



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