My new favorite kitchen gadget has to be the airfryer. Well the first has to be the ninja blender, so a close second has to be this airfryer my parents got us.

I am all about cutting the grease out of things and this machine does that for you. It helps create dishes that you typically enjoy a lot healthier for you.

Some of our weekly meals we’ve made are: fried pickles, chicken fingers, breakfast potatoes, onions rings, and grilled cheese.  We have done chicken and breaded fish in there also.It is a mix between an oven and a fryer so it pretty much makes whatever you put in there. It has a temperature gauge on there for accuracy and a nifty timer.

One key thing….when making things like french fries, chicken nuggets, and fried pickles you will need to shake the contents in the basket every so often so they don’t stick together. Always preheat it. We thought we were saving time by sticking whatever in there and starting it right away we were very wrong.

It typically comes with a basket that is removable for cleaning. The basket helps with air circulation around the food for even cooking. You are actually able to grill, roast and bake in these bad boys. I have seen several mini cake recipes that I am dying to try.

We have been very happy with it and continue to use it and will make new things with it. It runs anywhere from $70+ and I have seen them everywhere from Walmart to JCPenney and Kohl’s.


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