Spend Some Time Together


Is It Me

We adore date nights! One of our favorite things to do is eat out.  Honestly, we just love to eat. Anything and everything. I think the only thing we don’t eat are tomatoes and fried okara- because I would die from it, ha ha.

A great thing that we have started doing is trying new restaurants. I want it to be new and fresh. I love to mix things up and not let it get old.  I can’t stand going to the same place over and over again. It’s just so boring and predictable.

With that, we have a rule that it can not be a chain restaurant. I am all about the local stuff and this is a great way to support your local restaurants.  I am sorry but chain restaurants are boring. The food is usually bland and nasty and the service is inconsistent IMO. I just don’t feel like it’s worth wasting my money on. Except Red Robin, yumm! Love me some Red Robin burgers! Sometimes we’ll throw in a very small chain, but you will never see us going to Applebees or something like that. YUCK!

We try and do this weekly actually. Getting out and seeing the city that is still so new to us is great. We love to feel the different atmospheres that the restaurants create and to try the different dishes that each place presents.  While we are there we each get something different to share with each other.  It helps to get a better feel for the place.

This is something we enjoy together and that is the main thing. Honestly, I think I like the different restaurants and Josh just loves to eat. So it really works out great! He’s a good sport about it.

We look forward to it and we’ll talk about it for days. We are creating memories and tasting our way through Phoenix!

I really encourage you to take one night every now and again to just spend time doing something with your spouse/ significate other. It will make a world of difference. Just put each other first, for that one night and enjoy each other!

What are some of the things you guys do to keep things fun and exciting?






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