I never thought I would be that person who wouldn’t go the the store with my grocery list and coupons and do my own shopping. I didn’t want to be that “lazy.” But fast forward to today I am in absolutely in love with it. IMG_20170319_133650997


The way I am looking at it is that it is 2017 and everyone is fast paced these days so companies are helping us out with offering certain services that help out the daily hustle in our lives. Why not allow someone else to shop for you I mean, hello! Saves me time and the cart road rage in the store.


Clicklist is offered by Kroger Grocery Stores and has just recently become more popular. As with anything else online, you have to log in to the website to begin your shopping. It is all done through your loyalty card that you should already have. If you don’t… well….we can’t be friends, jk.  

First I go through the digital coupons, as well as, my paper coupons. They do accept those so don’t forget to use them!! I then head over to the Clicklist portion of the website and begin shopping. I have noticed that it pulls up a lot of your most recent purchases, which is nice because if you are like us, you typically buy a lot of the same stuff over and over. Go through all the departments and add the items that you would like into your cart.

I love this! I can literally monitor the total as I add things. Gone are the days of you getting up to the register and BAM $150 bucks. I have literally saved $50 bucks each week using this! When we are at the store we always add unneeded things to the cart. We see things that we MAY need or we shop when we are hungry and add the dumbest things to the list. I mean $50 bucks a week…. HELL YES!!

You then reserve a time slot to pick up the groceries and submit your order. When you arrive to the store follow the Clicklist signs which lead you to a few designated parking spots. Once you are there and parked you will notice some signs with a phone number on it instructing you to call.  You hit them up, tell them your name and a few minutes later they come out with your groceries! The whole process takes less than 10 mins.

Sometimes they have to substitute items which they will go over with you upon arrival. Say if they needed to sub something that was pricier, you automatically get the lesser price that you chose online. SCORE!  

The first three times are free for you to try out. After that, you will have a fee of 4.95 applied for the service.  That is fine with us due to the amount of money we are saving weekly while not stepping into the store.

Be sure to check out your local Kroger Grocery Store and try this out!! I really don’t think you will regret it!





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