It’s something that I actually think a ton of people would benefit from. I cringe when someone is like “I am not flexible” and blah blah blah. You do not need to be flexible for yoga. Each pose can be modified to something that you are able to do with comfort.

Yoga is about being patient with yourself. To accept where you are at that present moment whether you can touch the floor or only the tops of your thighs. People look at it completely wrong. It is soooo much more than a workout and good stretch!

I really fell in love with yoga while living in Colorado Springs where I discovered a donation based yoga center. Words cannot even explain the vibe of this place. No it wasn’t super fancy and modern. It was quite simple yet had everything you need for an outstanding yoga practice. You didn’t have to pay a ton of money for classes so it made it very easy for me to attend a class in the situation I was in up there. I loved this. I loved that it wasn’t based on a $100 dollar monthly membership but was based on community and togetherness. Due to my experience with this place I have really considered starting one like it here in Phoenix.

Other than that studio I mainly have a home-based practice which is fantastic but it is nothing like you would experience in a studio. It is on and off again but I have noticed that I always go back to yoga when I need to have structure and balance in my life. When life starts getting stressful and busy I crave it now.


Yoga has helped me so much with my anxiety. Some days I get so frustrated with how slow my yoga videos are going. I have to force myself to stay there on the mat and be present because it is teaching me to slow the heck down. Anxiety gets me so rushed and hurried all the time that a yoga practice really calms that. Typically by the end of the video my thoughts are no longer rushing and I have a more balanced outlook.

A lot of the time I just turn on a youtube video that is only 30 minutes in length. Sure I would love a longer lasting one all the time but life doesn’t always allow that. You really should find a good yoga teacher. I have noticed I look for instructors with calming voices who constantly remind me to relax throughout the video. I hold so much tension in my face and shoulders and that constant reminder helps me to let it all go.

Yoga is just really good for you physically! For years a lot of people have said it has corrected a lot of their physical problems. When I can get Josh to do it he automatically feels better and is more limber. He has a physical job so I think he really benefits from stretching out.

I encourage anyone who suffers from anxiety to try yoga. Not for just a class. Maybe do it once a week for 4 weeks and just see what happens. I know it can be frustrating at times but don’t be frustrated with yourself. You’re taking time to better yourself!






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