Who is Nicole

14468377_10208801977219784_643259248456772212_oWho am I?  Well, I am a hot mess. I won’t even sugar coat it.  I am a ball of anxiety and outbursts.  I am extremely random but a go getter. Once my mind is set on something I become obsessed with it.  I am goal driven and a list maker, sarcastic and frustrating.
I am a military brat so I have no “hometown” or life long friends. I have moved around a good amount on my own and with my family.  Which is small, I am an only child, and that has made me more independent than need be.  I am divorced, which was the best damn decision of my life. I have found a new love unexpectedly, a love that is inspiring and has made me believe that every single damn thing in my past has led me to this exact moment.

I crave the outdoors and fresh air like an addict craves his drug. I have learned that I need it to survive and make my world go round. I can’t handle being cooped up for long winters, where its cold and depressing. I need warm and sunshine. Gimme that vitamin D!!!  Hiking, camping, fishing, lake trips, hell just sitting at the dog part. I am all about it.   We just got a kayak for Christmas (shout out to the Moe’s for that awesome bad boy) so we are on a mission to discover many things with that.

Our first Kayak adventure
My boyfriend Josh, you might as well get to know him. You will probably see his name pop up in about every post.  We enjoy pretty much all the same things. He is my P.I.C.  We enjoy finding new recipes and cooking together.
This blog is to serve as somewhat of a diary.  I don’t have a set goal yet on where I want this to go. To be honest, it is probably something I will do for a few months and then set aside for a while, kind of like the guinea pig and rabbit I had as a child.  Don’t worry… my mom and dad were there to keep it alive and kicking.  Am I a writer? Hell to the no! I am sure you Grammar Nazi’s have picked that up already. I don’t intend to be this lavish writer, and I am sure everyone will find words that I miss and that I use the wrong to and too, sometimes I mix up heard and herd, ha. You should see the way I text! My poor friends have to put together a puzzle before understanding it because my brain moves faster than my fingers.
Just sit back and enjoy. Maybe subscribe if you want. Or don’t.  But, lets see where this goes.14884513_10210797260551584_3988851068830056399_o