It’s something that I actually think a ton of people would benefit from. I cringe when someone is like “I am not flexible” and blah blah blah. You do not need to be flexible for yoga. Each pose can be modified to something that you are able to do with comfort. Yoga is about … Continue reading Yoga



  I never thought I would be that person who wouldn't go the the store with my grocery list and coupons and do my own shopping. I didn’t want to be that “lazy.” But fast forward to today I am in absolutely in love with it.   The way I am looking at it is … Continue reading Clicklist

Spend Some Time Together

Take time to enjoy each other and try something different!


I am sure everyone has seen the live videos of this poor pregnant giraffe. That poor thing has been in labor for what? 12 years I feel like!? I mean wow.  No thank you. I found myself at work the other day saying "seriously, get this giraffe off my facebook feed.  Why is everyone so … Continue reading April

It’s that time again

This one's for the girls! Not to be sexist or anything, but men don't menstruate, even though I swear they do. Seriously ladies, why on earth do we have to go through the monthly BS. It's like this never ending damn roller coaster.  We are crazy, don't tell me we aren't. At some point we … Continue reading It’s that time again

Cubicle Life

I am sure many people who breeze by my blog assume I am a stay at home or something along those lines. I feel as if that is  stereotyping or something. But no, unfortunately, I work full-time. The dreaded Mondays come way too fast and every day I go home with my eyes burning like … Continue reading Cubicle Life


Let’s talk anxiety. Woot! Ha, not. I figure I need to be real and as raw as much as possible with my readers. So this is the first of I am sure many posts that are almost diary-like posts. Anxiety is something that apparently I have had for a long ass time. It was finally … Continue reading Anxiety

Change your thoughts

 "Change your thoughts, change your life" I got the Amazon Echo for Christmas this year from Josh. That thing is the bees knees. I absolutely love it.  One morning I came out and asked Alexa to give me an inspiring quote and she responded “Change your thoughts, change your life.” *side note. Ask Alexa to … Continue reading Change your thoughts